Curriculum-Linked Resources for Educators

Connected by Water Inquiry Units

The Comox Valley Regional District has developed materials to support students in learning about their connections to the Comox Lake watershed, learning what makes a watershed healthy and how to conserve water by using it efficiently at home. 

The following resources are informed by the Watershed Protection Plan, and the Connected by Water project vision, all within the framework of the British Columbia Ministry of Education Curriculum. The resources are written as inquiry units, and are designed to support answering the driving question: What allows me to have safe water that I can drink?

These inquiry units can be used in their entirety, or the activities within each unit can stand alone. They include a robust list of additional links and resources connecting educators to many ideas and projects in the community, including options for field trips. 

Connected By Water Inquiry Units can be downloaded here:

Primary Kindergarten to Grade 3 Watershed Inquiry Unit

Intermediate Grade 4 to 7 Watershed Inquiry Unit

High School Grade 8 to 9 Watershed Inquiry Unit 

Middle School Grade 6 to 9 Water Treatment Inquiry Unit 

Optional learning kits are available at the SD71 Learning Resources Centre.

An additional interactive activity to connect students more closely to their relationship to the watershed can be found here:

Watershed Web of Life Activity for all ages

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