Strategic Housing Initiatives


Not unlike other communities within the Province, housing affordability and homelessness are significant challenges in the Comox Valley. A growing number of residents are experiencing homelessness and having difficulty securing suitable housing that is affordable relative to their household’s income, impacting the economic and social wellbeing of the community.  

Expanding on the Comox Valley Regional District’s (CVRD) existing policies and partnerships for the creation of affordable and supportive housing, the CVRD is undertaking three strategic initiatives which are intended to be catalysts for action to ensure appropriate and affordable housing is available for all residents: 

Housing Action Plan

Coordinate and prioritize regional action in implementing the Regional Growth Strategy goal of ensuring a diversity of affordable housing options. This process will help identify and guide coordinated action by the CVRD and its member municipalities to address housing needs throughout the Comox Valley. 

Homelessness Needs Assessment and Community Plan 

Identify and respond to the needs for housing and support services for people who are homeless, or at-risk of becoming homeless. Through the development of a three to five year community plan the CVRD intends to mobilize regional resources around strategies to prevent and decrease the occurrence and duration of homelessness and support residents in achieving housing stability.

Direct-action Feasibility Study 

Examine the feasibility of direct-action approaches for the CVRD to realize the creation of new affordable housing. This study will examine the different approaches for the creation of affordable housing units, including land acquisition and assembly as well as the creation an independent housing entity that could build and operate non-market housing. 

Project Timeline

These three projects were launched in early 2024 and are scheduled for completion in late spring.