Finance & Administration

Finance and Administration provides support services for: legislative, financial, personnel, communications, executive, information technology and administrative functions. In addition, it oversees borrowing for large scale projects, elections, and public approval processes.

Key Service Outcomes:

  • Fiscal responsibility and effective management
  • Quality information and communication for residents and businesses
  • Social procurement
  •  Strategic partnerships
  • Community leadership
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with Indigenous peoples.
  • Continued implementation of UNDRIP and DRIPA
  • Partnership and collaboration with K’ómoks First Nation on areas of shared interest
  • Organizational strength and wellness
  • Exceptional services for the community

Key 2023-2023 Initiatives/Directions:

  • Develop Asset Management Program
  • Develop Fiscal Framework and Strategy
  • Continue to work with the Advisory Group on Reconciliation
  • Complete and implement the Regional Tourism Strategy
  • Continue Island Corridor Engagement