Development in the Black Creek Oyster Bay Water Service Area

Water Connection Suspension Implemented for Saratoga Beach Area

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is implementing a suspension on new water connections to the Black Creek-Oyster Bay (BCOB) Water System until at least fall 2022.

This measure is necessary to ensure that future development, most of which is planned for the Saratoga Beach area, can be accommodated without impacting existing water system users.

The BCOB system provides water to approximately 2,200 residents, which is sourced from three groundwater wells and a river infiltration gallery. With demand on the system increasing, the CVRD drilled a third well in 2021 with the hopes it would produce enough water to meet current and near term future development requirements in this area. However, anticipated production levels were not reached during this summer’s dry season.

Over the next year CVRD staff will explore, drill and test a fourth well to determine if water production targets can be achieved. New connections to the BCOB system will be suspended while this work is underway.

Exemptions to this suspension include:
  • For construction of principal dwellings on vacant land that have been paying frontage tax;
  • For property owners or developers that submitted development permit applications prior to October 2020, or building permit applications prior to November 16, 2021 (please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted);
  • For projects of key strategic value to the Black Creek-Oyster Bay Water Local Service Area, such as partnership with a property owner for water system extension.

If you are planning to develop or expand on a property connecting to the Black Creek Oyster Bay water system, please contact us before starting the application process to discuss water availability in this area.

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About the BCOB Water System

The Black Creek – Oyster Bay (BCOB) Water Local Service Area is owned and operated by the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). It consists of two groundwater wells, one river infiltration gallery, two reservoirs, one pump station and a treatment facility that provides water to approximately 2,200 area residents. The BCOB system is one of five water systems operated by the CVRD. It includes the Macaulay Road and Kelland Road reservoirs and the Black Creek pump station.