Beach, Rare plants, Trails, Wildlife viewing


This 4.5ha (11 acre) park provides users with access to multi-use forested trails, ornamental gardens of the McLoughlin family cottage and a rocky beach with great views of the mainland mountains. The cottage and outbuildings are leased by the McLoughlin Garden Society for the purpose of an artist-in-residence program.  Signs will be posted in the park when an artist is in residence.  We ask park users to respect their privacy


End of Tasman Road off Williams Beach Road, Merville (Electoral Area B)

Park Etiquette

  • Walkers and cyclists only, no horses.
  • Leashing is optional


This property was donated to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) as an ecological gift with the reservation of a life interest in favour of the donors, Brian and Sarah McLoughlin. The life estate allows the donors free and unfettered use of the land and existing improvements for as long as either shall live.  A registered covenant (held jointly by the Comox Valley Land Trust and The Land Conservancy) will restrict the use of the property to public park use and includes provisions to maintain the site in its natural condition in perpetuity. The covenant on the property allows for maintenance of the gardens surrounding the residence. The balance of the property is to remain in its natural state, a mature second-growth fir forest.

In the fall of 2016 McLoughlin Park was transferred to active park status. The CVRD assumed the maintenance of the property from the McLoughlin family and began actively maintaining the entrance road (which became the main trail in the park) and the ornamental gardens which were lovingly fostered over the years by Sarah McLoughlin.  In late 2016, the McLoughlin Family began to create an artist-in-residence program through their newly created McLoughlin Garden Society which would operate out of the family cottage located at the bottom of the property near the beach.  In 2017, a lease agreement between the McLoughin Garden Society (a registered non-profit) and the CVRD was formalized to support the artist-in-residence program (which is managed through the Comox Valley Art Gallery).

The first artist-in-residence was a sculptor/visual artist from Nova Scotia who resided in the cottage during the summer of 2017.

Maleea Acker is the McLoughlin Garden's Society writer-in-residence for 2019.