Strategic planning at the CVRD helps to identify the Board of Directors’ goals and align the CVRD’s service delivery with those goals. Using a multiphase approach, the Board establishes certain strategic drivers to guide service delivery. Those drivers are applied to the CVRD’s core services and the Board approves work plans through its financial planning process.

At its November 5, 2019 meeting, the Board affirmed its strategic drivers as:

The CVRD 2019-2022 Strategic and Financial Plans are guided by four key drivers:
Fiscal responsibility: Careful management of services and assets is essential to providing affordable and reliable services to citizens and businesses in the CVRD.
Climate crisis and environmental stewardship and protection: The CVRD is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and accelerating our actions to adapt and respond to climate change impacts.
Community partnerships:  The social fabric of our communities and the health and wellbeing of citizens depend on solid and sustainable community partnerships. Collaboration and support are ever present in guiding our service delivery.
Indigenous relations:  We are committed to reconciliation and relationship building with indigenous peoples and specifically K’ómoks First Nation (KFN).

Discussions at a variety of committee, commission and board meetings in early 2020 will consider outcomes and initiatives for the CVRD’s core services. The March 2020 adopted financial plan will then identify how the strategic drivers are influencing service delivery and will include projects that deliver on the Board’s goals.