Water Supply

CVRD owns and operates water supply systems that provide treated water, either in bulk or directly to 60,000 residents in Courtenay, Comox, parts of the surrounding electoral areas including Union Bay, Black Creek, Saratoga Beach and Denman Island. In the largest system, water from Comox Lake is treated with filtration, chlorination and ultraviolet light and then flows through a network of reservoirs, pumping stations and transmission mains or pipes. Distribution to residents and businesses is managed by municipalities and individual electoral area water services.

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Key Service Outcomes

  • High quality water
  • Sufficient water supply to accommodate current and future demands
  •  Leader in water conservation (reduction of per capita usage)
  • Reliable and resilient infrastructure
  • Source and infrastructure resiliency to climate change impacts
  • Equitable access to water
  • Positive K’ómoks First Nation relations regarding water supply
  • Continued implementation of UNDRIP and DRIPA.
  • Protected watersheds
  • Reduced impacts of recreational users
  • Informed residents regarding water supply and conservation

Key 2023-2023 Initiatives/Directions:

  • Complete Water South Extension
    • Mutual benefit agreement with K’ómoks First Nation
    • Partnership CVRD (Royston), K’ómoks First Nation, Courtenay
    • Construction 2025
  • Continue Water Master Planning
    • CVWS (BCOB, Royston, Union Bay complete)
  •  Review Water Rates
    • Black Creek – Oyster Bay, Comox Valley, Royston, Union Bay