Sewage Treatment

CVRD owns and operates conveyance and treatment infrastructure for wastewater from the communities of Courtenay, Comox, CFB Comox (19 Wing) and K’ómoks First Nation (by service contract). The Comox Valley Water Pollution Control Centre, commissioned in 1984, is a secondary wastewater treatment facility. The CVRD Board delegates operational and administrative decisions to the Comox Valley Sewage Commission.
The CVRD also provides liquid waste management planning on sewer and septic matters in the electoral areas.

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Key Service Outcomes

  • Managed assets
  • Affordable service
  • Infrastructure resiliency to climate change impacts
  • Partnerships with K’ómoks First Nation
  • Continued implementation of UNDRIP and DRIPA
  • Reduced storm water infiltration
  • Willemar Bluff risk reduction

Key 2023-2023 Initiatives/Directions:

  • Complete Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project
  • Complete Liquid Waste Management Planning for Core and South addendum
  • Work on Partnerships, Funding and Design for Sewer Extension South