Transit Service Changes

BC Transit and the CVRD implemented significant service changes that were in effect as of August 31, 2018. These changes included the establishment of a frequent transit network between Courtenay and Comox (#1 Courtenay/Comox), and the revision of local routes 3 & 4 in Comox, as shown in the map below. These changes are made possible through a 4,000 hour increase in transit service hours, and were identified as near term priorities in the 2014 Transit Future Plan. Some highlights of these service changes include:

  • Convenient travel between Courtenay and Comox, with 30 minute or better weekday frequency on route #1 Courtenay/Comox.
  • Friday and Saturday service until approximately 11:30 pm on the #1 Courtenay/Comox and #2 Cumberland.
  • Revision of existing 10/2 Royston - Cumberland combination trips into a new route #20 Royston/Cumberland.
  • Service to Beaufort Avenue destinations on #3 Comox Local

Details on these routes and all others, can be found at this link:

Comox Valley Transit - Schedules and Maps