The Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy (CVSS), completed in February 2010, is a regional plan that creates new knowledge and leading approaches to sustainability for communities in the Comox Valley. The strategy guides the policies and plans of regional and local governments and recommends specific actions be undertaken by a variety of partners.

The CVSS is the result of collaboration between four local governments, input by dedicated community members and review by the public and various government agencies.

Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy

What’s the Difference Between the Sustainability Strategy and the Regional Growth Strategy?

Both the CVSS and the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) look to the future, and both strategies are about improving the quality of life and the environment in Comox Valley. As a result, the two sets of strategies are complementary.

The Sustainability Strategy focuses on establishing specific environmental principles and related regional and municipal actions, while the RGS focuses on the overall pattern of land use in the Comox Valley and the creation of a sustainable human settlement pattern.

Finally, the RGS is a mandated regulatory document, whereas the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy is a guidance document for long-term community sustainability.