UBID Conversion Now Complete

As of July 1, 2021 all Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) services – including water, fire protection and streetlighting – have been converted to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). This conversion is the result of a November 2020 referendum, where residents in Union Bay voted 72 percent in favour of transitioning UBID services to the regional district.

To learn more about the conversion and what it means for residents in Union Bay:

The UBID offices and website were closed Friday, June 25, 2021.


Who to Call Fridge Magnet

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Learn More About UBID Services

The services previously provided by the UBID are now provided by the CVRD. To learn more, visit the below webpages:

An online webinar was held on May 18, 2021 to provide information about the conversion and answer questions from residents. To review the recording, please click here.

Union Bay Bylaws

Frequently requested bylaws related to Union Bay services are provided below for convenience. Please note:

  • The bylaws provided below is not a complete listing of CVRD or Union Bay Improvement District Bylaws. Additional CVRD Bylaws are accessible at comoxvalleyrd.ca/bylaws. 
  • In some cases a consolidated version has been created and made available to provide a bylaw with all of its amendments incorporated.
  • The online versions of bylaws are provided for information or research purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of online bylaw documents, you should confirm all information before making any decisions based on them.

For assistance or enquires please contact the Corporate Services Branch by calling 250-334-6000 or completing the online contact form.

What is Conversion and How Does it Work?



Frequently Asked Questions

We know the community has a number of questions about the conversion – here’s a few of the most regularly asked:

What are the estimated cost impacts of conversion?

The consultant worked with CVRD and UBID staff to review the potential costs for conversion to the Regional District, and determined that the “apples to apples” impacts of conversion is estimated to be cost neutral, with a potential cost savings depending on overall labour costs. Cost savings include deleting the expenditures for UBID Trustees, leasing and operations costs of the UBID Administration office, and salary and benefits for the UBID Administrator. This is offset by additional CVRD support services costs of approximately 4-5% of total expenditures for each service category (water, fire protection, and street lighting) as well as increased costs for the new water treatment plant and union collective agreement.

Regardless of conversion, 2021 was anticipated to see additional costs for UBID ratepayers, including additional operating costs for the new water treatment plant (commissioned in Spring 2020), additional labour costs due to the new union collective agreement (ratified by UBID in Fall 2020), and costs for infrastructure renewal and replacement as part of a comprehensive Asset Management Plan.

What will happen to the Union Bay Fire Department?

The fire department will continue to operate with the same team, and from the same fire hall. Union Bay Fire Rescue volunteers will continue to serve the Union Bay community, now supported by the CVRD.

Once conversion is complete the CVRD will work with the Union Bay fire department to plan for procurement of the new fire truck required by 2025.

Visit the new Union Bay Fire Department website

What will happen to all of the assets of UBID?

All capital assets (e.g. infrastructure, buildings, equipment) and land owned by UBID was transferred to the CVRD for the purpose of the service that is being provided (e.g. water, fire, street lighting). Langley Lake Dam and associated water licenses were transferred to the CVRD for the purpose of providing water service to the residents and ratepayers in Union Bay. In addition, all liabilities were also transferred to the CVRD, including the long-term debt on the water treatment plant.

What will happen with the borrowing for the water treatment plant?

The CVRD inherited the borrowing arrangements that UBID had in place at the time of conversion. If more favourable terms become available through the CVRD and the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA), those options will be pursued.

In the event that Union Bay incorporates at some future date, will the Langley Lake water licenses be returned to Union Bay?

Were the community of Union Bay to incorporate as a municipality at some future date, all local services, along with the related assets and liabilities, would similarly be transferred from the regional district to the new municipality. This would include water licenses used to draw water supply and any water licenses or capital reserve funds that are accounted for in the capital plans for that water service.

How will I receive water bills?

The May-June bi-monthly water service billing will be issued by the CVRD in mid-July. You will be issued a new customer account number with the CVRD in this bill.

The CVRD is looking to revise Union Bay’s current bi-monthly billing cycle to a quarterly billing to follow other water utility billings. This change could occur in either fall 2021 or early 2022. More information in the coming months to residents.

How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bill any of the following ways:

  • By Phone (250-334-6000) using Visa/Mastercard
  • Online, telephone or in-person via your financial institution
  • Mail to the CVRD main office (770 Harmston Ave., Courtenay V9N 0G8)
  • Drop off at the CVRD or a drop box coming to the Union Bay Market.
Can I still use pre-authorized payments?

No. The CVRD does not have a pre-authorized payment plan. You can pay your bill any of the following ways:

  • By Phone (250-334-6000) using Visa/Mastercard
  • Online, telephone or in-person via your financial institution
  • Mail to the CVRD main office (770 Harmston Ave., Courtenay V9N 0G8)
  • Drop off at the CVRD or a drop box coming to the Union Bay Market.