Advertising at the Comox Valley Sports Centre – on the rink boards, wall clock, Zamboni or even on the ice itself – is a great way to get your business in front of local sports enthusiasts.

Comox Valley Sports Centre Advertising Rates

Per Month
Includes lexan where applicable
Arena #12020/ 20212021/2022
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’82.2684.00
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 16’
(Bulk rates will not apply)
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’73.4474.90
Zamboni Ad66.1067.42
Players Bench Ad - 12’ x 2’78.2879.85
Wall Ad Score Clock 3’ x 8’82.4784.12
Stair Face Ad 7.5" x 3'59.4260.60
On Ice Ad 25 sq/ft (prior to installation of ice)132.50135.15
 Arena # 22020/20212021/2022
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’72.2273.66
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’59.4260.60
Zamboni Ad66.2067.52
On Ice Ad 25sq/ft99.35101.33
Score Clock Wall Ad 3’ x 8’66.2067.52
Side Wall Ad44.1645.00
Sports Centre Pool Area - Banners49.6750.66
Aquatic Centre Pool Area - Banners132.50135.15

Booking Your Ad

To reserve your spot, or for further information contact us. For more detailed rate information, refer to the Fees & Charges Bylaw – Comox Valley Recreation Complexes.