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The Royston to Cumberland Railway Trail greenway was once a busy transportation route for moving coal and trees to markets. From 1888 to the 1950s, it served as the Wellington Colliery Railway to carry coal from Cumberland via Royston to the docks in Union Bay. After the tracks were removed it became the Van West Road for logging operations between Royston and Cumberland. The Comox Valley Regional District purchased it for the purpose of building a trail in 2014.


The Royston to Cumberland Railway Trail runs adjacent to a provincial woodlot and private forest lands. The trail has an open canopy with shrub and small alders, maples, cedars and cottonwoods growing next to the trail.


  • 3604 Baden Road
  • Access available from Baden Road or Trent Road
  • Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area A) 

Royston to Cumberland Railway Trail Map

Park Etiquette

  • Leashing is optional
  • No ATVs, motorbikes or vehicles