Recreational trails


The newest section of the Denman Cross Island Trail has been completed which runs between Swan Road and Corrigal Road with a road crossing at Swan Road to connect with the existing trail. The entire trail is approximately 5 km in length and is a nice mix of forested and open trail with views of Lambert Channel, the mainland mountains and Hornby Island. The long term goal will be to have a continuous trail from the Denman West ferry terminal all the way to the Hornby ferry terminal.

The trail is now complete from downtown to Corrigal Road with the lone missing section being the steep Denman Road hill section. The new trail is consistently 2.2 meters wide, a comfortable size for a multi-use trail, and has already experienced use from the local community.  This section of trail complies with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s specifications for safety, having a continuous ditch buffer along this dangerous section of road.  We have tried a new topping material on the trail with more fines that will create a smoother surface more conducive to bicycles but still good for walkers and horses.


Denman Island


The proposed route for the Denman cross-island trail to connect the two ferry terminals, the trail design and proposed priority sections were presented to Denman Island residents for feedback at a community open house in 2013.

Next steps

The CVRD is presently in a planning stage for the next trail sections of the Cross-Island Trail.  Continuing the trail from its present termination point at Corrigal Road to the intersection of East Road and Owl Crescent is a logical next step as well as a continued move towards a safe connection of the trail on the Denman Road hill.  Public consultation, possibly including another open house, is slated for 2018.