Forested trails, Nature park, Swimming, Waterfront
Photo credit: Chuck Russell

Bracken Park is located within an active floodplain along the Oyster River.  Flooding is most evident along the park's northern portion, where a network of watercourses has scoured the forest soils.  The forested areas of Bracken Park are dominated by Douglas fir and sword fern where soil has accumulated and is most stable. In areas of flooding and soil movement, red alder, salmon berry and skunk cabbage dominate. The water-loving black cottonwood enjoys riverbank and watercourse locations.


  • 9461 Bracken Road
  • Puntledge – Black Creek (Electoral Area C)

Bracken Park Map


  • Size: 2.8 ha (7.1 acres)
  • Nature park
  • Waterfront
  • Forested trails
  • Swimming

Park Etiquette

  • Leashing is optional


Bracken Park was created at the time of subdivision in the 1970s.