Biosolids Composting Facility Expansion


Summer 2018 will see the start of construction for an expansion to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD)’s biosolids composting facility.

The current facility, opened in 2003, uses aerated bunker technology to cure solids removed from the wastewater system and mixed with wood chips to create the soil amendment SkyRocket.

This expansion will increase the facility’s capacity by 35 per cent to accomodate growth in the region over the next 15 years.

News and Updates

In August 2018, Knappet Industries was awarded the contract for the compost facility expansion (valued at $5.18 million) and building relocation (valued at $965,000). 

The project is expected to be complete by Spring 2019.

Read the latest staff report on the project.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What will the facility expansion include?

The facility expansion will include retrofits to the current infrastructure, addition of a new mixer and primary screening system, development of a new curing building and turner and replacement of the existing surface pond with improved leachate collection. It will also incorporate new heat exchanges to reduce composting time in the winter and provide additional storage room for finished product.

Why is the expansion needed?

The biosolids composting facility serves as an innovative way to reduce waste. These upgrades will allow for increased capacity that can serve the growth in the area, increase efficiencies and safety for the facility operators and greater confidence in meeting the highest class of compost requirements by creating a more controlled curing process.

How much will this cost?

The cost is estimated at $5.7 million. The Comox Valley Sewer Service has already allocated these funds in their 2018-2022 financial plan.

What is SkyRocket?

SkyRocket compost is a high-nitrogen soil amendment, made of wood chips mixed with biosolids and cured over time to create nutrient-rich mulch. To learn more about the product, usage guidelines and quality/regulation, visit our SkyRocket webpage