Introduction to Property Taxes

Taxation for Regional District residents is different than for municipalities. In accordance with the Local Government Act, the law which governs the activities of local governments in BC, regional districts do not have the authority to issue property tax notices to residents and businesses, nor collect taxation directly from residents. As such, regional districts do not set property tax rates (often referred to as “mill” rates) for the annual tax requisitions they require to fund the numerous services and capital projects they steward on behalf of the community.

Instead, municipalities (cities, towns, villages, etc.) do this for those regional district services their communities participate in and the provincial Surveyor of Taxes does this for ratepayers living in all rural areas outside of the boundaries of a municipality. If your property is in the Comox Valley Regional District and is not located in the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox or the Village of Cumberland, it is in a rural area.

Rural areas receive their property tax notice from the province's Surveyor of Taxes Office at the end of May each year with the taxes due by the first business day in July.

In 2019, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is providing a total of 99 separate services to residents and businesses.

A homeowner’s annual property tax impact will therefore vary depending on the mix of CVRD services provided to either the municipality or to the electoral (rural) area in which their home is located.

Information specific to the taxation for those services you receive from the CVRD and how they will appear on your provincial tax notice can be found on our Tax Inserts page. 

Paying your Property Taxes

Property tax payments can be made at most banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, through online banking and at Service BC locations.

Rural property taxes are issued by and are paid to the province.

The Service BC locations near to the Comox Valley Regional District are:

2500 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC

Tel: 250-897-7500

115-1180 Ironwood Road
Campbell River, BC

​Tel: 250-286-7555

For further information on rural property taxes, payments, home owner grants or property tax deferral programs, visit Enquiry B.C.’s Property taxation branch webpage or call 1-800-663-7867.

Home Owner Grants

The Home Owner Grant Program is administered by the Province of British Columbia. Applications can be mailed to the Province or applied for online or at a Service BC location. For more information, check the reverse of your property tax notice, visit the Home Owner Grant Program website or call 1-888-355-2700.