As part of the CVRD’s COVID-19 Response and Renewal report for the Electoral Areas Services that was presented on August 10, 2020 to the Electoral Areas Services Committee, core services were assessed for changes based on five key principals, being:

  • Maintaining core services at an affordable cost
  • Sustaining stable services in support of the local economy
  • Adapting to changing community priorities
  • Realigning resources to support community renewal initiatives
  • Communicating clearly about actions.

This report identified restructuring of the existing regulatory services within the Electoral Areas, which include Noise Control (Function No. 295), Animal Control (Function No. 291), Unsightly Premises (Function No. 298) and Fireworks (Function No. 299).

Staff Report - March 8, 2021

These five existing regulatory services are separate functions from one another, and vary in service area. For Electoral Areas A, B and C the CVRD provides services for land use enforcement, unsightly premises, noise control, animal control (Vancouver Island portion only) and fireworks. There are no CVRD services for land use enforcement or animal control on Denman Island or Hornby Island.

Staff are proposing to pursue the following two services:

  • Restructuring of existing bylaw services to form an Electoral Area A (Baynes Sound portion) B, and C bylaw enforcement service:
    • Expand the purpose of the existing animal control service to include noise control, unsightly and fireworks;
    • Land use administration and zoning service to stay with planning.
  • Restructuring of existing bylaw services to form a Denman Island and Hornby Island bylaw enforcement service:
    • Expand the purpose of the fireworks service to include noise control and unsightly premises;
    • Amend the boundary to encompass only Denman Island and Hornby Island.

The financial benefits from combining existing bylaw services, will include ease of administration of the bylaw service from a budget perspective, as well as accessibility to additional funds when required when legal action required. Any of the reserve funds within the existing bylaw services will have to be individually expended before that service can be repealed and encompassed into a new service. The proposed restructuring would not present any financial impact to residents.

The expected timeline to accomplish the restructuring of existing bylaw services, would be as follows:

  • Winter 2020: Staff draft bylaws for introduction
  • Spring 2021: Advising public regarding proposed changes.
  • Summer 2021: Report to the Electoral Areas Services Committee presenting any feedback received. Consideration of third reading of required bylaws and submission to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval. 
  • Fall 2021: Final adoption of bylaws.

For More Information

Questions and inquiries can be directed through the Bylaw Enforcement Contact Online Form or by calling 250-334-6000.