Overview of the Parcel Tax Process

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) operates several services, including those listed below, in which bylaws have been adopted authorizing the collection of a parcel tax. The amount of the parcel tax is set by bylaw and varies by service area. It may be a flat rate per parcel or a rate based on the lot dimensions.

  • Black Creek/Oyster Bay Water
  • Jackson Drive Sewer Service
  • Comox Valley Water
  • Marsden/Camco Water
  • Courtenay Flats Drainage
  • Royston Water
  • Denman Island Water
  • Baynes Sounds, Areas B&C Parks & Greenways
  • England Road Water

The CVRD Board sets the date for the parcel tax roll review panel to meet, which must be before the end of February each year. Directors of the CVRD Board are appointed to sit on the panel, which considers and authenticates the CVRD parcel tax roll.

In order to comply with the Community Charter requirements for public notice, the CVRD issues parcel tax assessment notices to owners of properties in the various service areas that show a change on the roll from the previous year. Notices are also placed on the CVRD website, in the local newspaper(s) and in other rural publications no fewer than 14 days prior to the panel meeting date. The parcel tax roll can be viewed here or at the CVRD office at 770 Harmston Avenue in Courtenay.

Requesting a Correction to the Parcel Tax Roll

In accordance with the Community Charter, property owners may request a correction to the parcel tax roll, but only with respect to their own property and only for the following reasons:

  • error or omission of the name or address on the roll
  • error or omission respecting the inclusion of parcel
  • error or omission respecting the taxable area or taxable frontage of a parcel
  • an exemption has been improperly allowed or disallowed

Requests for correction must be done in writing and received no less than 48 hours prior to the review panel meeting.

Once the parcel tax roll has been authenticated by the panel members, the parcel tax data is sent electronically to the provincial Property Taxation branch.

The Province includes the parcel taxes on the rural property notices they issue in May each year to all rural property owners. The Province is responsible for collection of the parcel taxes on behalf of the CVRD and remits the funds collected to the CVRD in August.