Boil Water Notice Information

Please note: this boil water notice does not affect residents in the Village of Cumberland, Royston, Sandwick water system users, or those connected to the Black Creek-Oyster Bay water supply system.  

Due to the intense rainfall experienced in the watershed earlier this week, high turbidity levels in Perseverance Creek have now caused Comox Lake to become turbid. High turbidity can interfere with the chlorination process used to disinfect the drinking water for the 45,000 residents served by the Comox Valley water system.

Above photo taken January 19, 2017

Above photo taken January 20, 2017

Are you connected to the Comox Valley water supply system?

Want to be notified about boil water notifications by landline or text message?  The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is implementing a new emergency notifications service to keep residents and businesses informed in a timely manner.