Emergency Programs

CVRD Regional Emergency Services provides Comox Valley wide collaboration and coordination of emergency management under the four pillars of emergency management – mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

The Emergency Services support the activation and operations of the regional emergency operation centre in emergency situations.

Several rural and community fire department services (under a volunteer fire fighter model) are delivered through the CVRD.

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Key Service Outcomes

  • Emergency prevention and mitigation
  • Emergency Operations Centre preparedness
  • Business and resident emergency preparedness
  • Support for emergency staff and volunteers
  • K’ómoks First Nation partnerships and bridging
  • Continued implementation of UNDRIP and DRIPA
  • Emergency food supply preparedness
  • Prepared for climate readiness

Key 2023-2026 Initiatives/Directions:

  • Regionalize Comox Valley Emergency Planning Program
  • Complete the new Regional Emergency Operations Centre
    • Developing, training, and implementing the EOC personnel plan capable of filling three shifts for a stage 3 activation
  • Design and construct the Mount Washington fire service building
  • Design and construct the Union Bay Fire Hall
  • Design and construct the Denman Island Fire Hall
  • Plan for Community Fire Smart Program and Wildfire Protection