Electoral Area Services

CVRD delivers local government and services to electoral areas (street lighting, land use planning, fire protection, building inspection, bylaw compliance, water distribution, Islands-based services, parks, heritage conservation, community hall supports, community grants and more).
Electoral area directors advocate for services with the CVRD itself, senior government, and other stakeholders.

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Key Service Outcomes

  • Local government for rural areas
  • Advocating for equitable and appropriate service delivery
  • Infrastructure and community resiliency
  • Responding to and partnering with community groups and residents
  • Continued implementation of UNDRIP and DRIPA.

Key 2023-2023 Initiatives/Directions:

  • Develop Septic Regulation / Education program
  • Develop Watershed Stewardship Service
  • Undertake Agricultural Planning
  • Examine Building Inspection and Applications processes
  • Implement Community Parks and Greenways Strategic Plans
  • Implement priorities of the Fire Services Review