Phase 2 Public Consultation to begin in 2021

On Nov. 16, the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) Directors agreed to move forward with 11 of the 13 neighbourhoods surveyed for further consultation on the proposed roadside garbage and recycling collection service and area boundaries. The CVRD Board will consider the EASC recommendation for ratification at their next meeting, scheduled to take place November 24. 

For the 11 neighbourhoods that expressed interest in the implementation of a roadside collection service and that meet technical requirements for service delivery, the CVRD will be coming back to these areas in early 2021 with more detailed costs and operational plans. The neighbourhoods included in the next stage are:

  • Area A: Fanny Bay Area, Union Bay Area
  • Area B: Lazo Road Area, Little River Area, Bates Beach Area
  • Area C: Lake Trail Road Area, Dove Creek Area, Merville and Williams Beach Area, Black Creek Area, Saratoga and Miracle Beach Area, MacAulay Road Area

This Phase 2 consultation will gather residents’ input to refine these plans and service area boundaries before bringing the proposal back to the community for a final decision later that year. Watch here for more information or click the button below to follow the project.

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Phase 1 Survey Results and Staff Recommendations

In August/September, the CVRD invited residents in Electoral Areas A, B and C to complete a survey indicating their level of interest in a new roadside garbage and recycling collection service. More than 3,000 people participated in the survey to share whether this is a service they would like to see. While survey results for all 13 neighbourhoods indicated interest based on the cost estimate of $150-$250 per household/per year, that interest level did vary. CVRD staff have subsequently assessed housing density and other service factors and suggest that services in some neighbourhoods would not be successful.

The following staff report summarizes the overall survey results and the feasibility review. The full consultation summary report is included as an appendix to this report.

Detailed survey results for each Electoral Area neighbourhood are linked below, as well as factors that contributed to the decision on further consultation with 11 of the 13 neighbourhoods originally surveyed. A well-defined proposed service area will be available for the public during the Phase 2 public consultation which is anticipated to begin early 2021, with a public assent process projected to occur later in 2021.

Electoral Area A

Staff proposed that the service area include all of Fanny Bay and Union Bay neighbourhoods. The residents around Minto Road are not included; this is a lower density area and adjacent to the existing Royston Garbage Collection service area; staff feel that the best approach for this area may be that interested residents request to be added by petition to the existing Royston service.

Detailed Survey Reports per Neighbourhood

Survey Report Area A1 - Fanny Bay
Survey Report Area A2 - Union Bay
Survey Report Area A3 - Minto Road

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Electoral Area A

Electoral Area B

Staff proposed that all of Area B be included within the proposed service area, with some refinement for inaccessible areas or areas of very low density.

Detailed Survey Reports per Neighbourhood

Survey Report Area B1 - Lazo Road
Survey Report Area B2 - Little River
Survey Report Area B3 - Bates Beach

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Electoral Area B

Electoral Area C

Staff proposed that the Forbidden Plateau Road area be excluded from the service area due to its low density, low response rate to the survey and reduced interest in the service. Service areas within all other parts of Electoral Area C will be refined.

To the north, the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) depot at Black Creek is well used by the residents of Macaulay Road, Black Creek, Saratoga and Miracle Beach. Staff need to evaluate further if establishment of a roadside collection service for recycling, that could be funded by RecycleBC in the future, would undermine the ability to have a RecycleBC funded depot in this same area as is being considered by the CSWM service.

Detailed Survey Reports per Neighbourhood

Survey Report Area C1 - Lake Trail Road
Survey Report Area C2 - Forbidden Plateau
Survey Report Area C3 - Dove Creek
Survey Report Area C4 - Merville and Williams Beach
Survey Report Area C5 - Black Creek
Survey Report Area C6 - Saratoga and Miracle Beach
Survey Report Area C7 - Macauley Road

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Electoral Area C