Happier people and a happier planet starts with healtheir travel!

Commuter Challenge is a friendly one-week competition that builds team spirit at work and lightens our environmental impact by encouraging people to travel by transit, walking, cycling, carpooling, or telecommuting at least once during the week of June 2-8, 2019.

Some of the benefits of participating include:

  • Increased Productivity - Being multi-modal reduces commute-related stress and increases productivity and morale
  • Healthier Lifestyle - Active and sustainable commutes enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Reduced Cost - Being multi-modal reduces commuting and facility related costs, benefiting employees and workplaces

1. REGISTER your workplace now for the Commuter Challenge, and register as an individual for your workplace.

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2. PARTICIPATE – Boost your chances of winning prizes by:

  • Encouraging others to participate and register (referral prizes)
  • Practicing your commute before the week (map and try your cycling route, transit route or test your carpool)
  • Enter your results online during or after June 2-8

3. WIN PRIZES – prizes will be given based on registration draws, referrals, team prizes, individual prizes, provincial/national prizes.

The grand prize is a $1000 VIA Rail credit, plus lots of gift certificates and prizes locally and provincially.

Click here to view the 2018 results for the Comox Valley


Lindsay Eason, Comox Valley Commuter Challenge Coordinator


Tel: 250-650-2302