Hornby Island Fire Hall Referendum

With more than 45 years of service, the Hornby Island fire rescue department identified a need to replace the aging and unsafe fire hall so as to better serve the citizens of Hornby Island with medical first responder, fire protection, technical rescue, and ambulance services.  Inspections and engineer's reports found the fire hall was an unsafe workplace for the fire fighters, had functional and spatial deficiencies and would have performed poorly in a moderate earthquake.

The proposed Hornby Island fire protection service (fire hall construction) loan authorization bylaw would provide funds to assist with the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) building a new Hornby Island fire hall.

Bylaw No. 362 would provide funds to assist with constructing a new fire hall by borrowing $1.6 million to be repaid over 20 years. The service area that is subject of this bylaw includes the Hornby Island fire protection service. 

Ballot question

Are you in favour of the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) adopting Bylaw No. 362 being “Hornby Island Fire Protection Service (Fire Hall Construction) Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 362, 2015” to enable the CVRD to borrow $1,600,000 to construct a fire hall on Hornby Island?


YES – 616 ballots cast (83 per cent)
NO – 126 ballots cast (17 per cent)

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