Arts & Culture Grant Service AAP

At its October 29, 2013 meeting, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Board of Directors initiated an alternative approval process (AAP) for Bylaw No. 278 being “Electoral Areas Arts and Culture Grant Service Establishing Bylaw No. 278, 2014.”

Bylaw No. 278 would establish the electoral areas arts and culture grant service for the purpose of providing funding to societies and non-profit organizations that own and / or operate arts or culture facilities in the Comox Valley to assist with the protection, preservation, maintenance and promotion of said infrastructure.


In order for the CVRD to proceed with the final adoption of Bylaw No. 278, less than
10 per cent of the electors in the service area would have had to submit an elector response form. In the case of the proposed arts and culture grant service, the total number of electors within the service was 15,923; 10 per cent of that number, or 1,592 electors, would have had to submit an elector response form to prevent the CVRD from adopting Bylaw No. 278 without going to referendum.

At the close of the process on January 16, 2014, 42 elector response forms had been received from the electors in the service area.