A mosquito study was commissioned in 2016 for the Saratoga Miracle Beach area.  The report was completed in early 2017 and presented to the CVRD Electoral Areas Committee for consideration. The report results indicate mosquito larvae populations below nuisance thresholds in all areas except one site adjacent to Miracle Beach Provincial Park. Due to this one site’s location in a sensitive salt marsh habitat adjacent to the park, alteration of the habitat to reduce mosquito breeding activity is not a viable option. 

This study, when considered alongside the results of the prior study in the Point Holmes/Kye Bay area, does not indicate a current need for a regional mosquito abatement program. The CVRD does not have a mosquito abatement program in place to address this issue which means funds are not available to initiate mosquito abatement measures.

There are actions individual homeowners can undertake to reduce mosquito populations around the home, including removal of water-holding containers around the property, replacing water in bird baths and animal troughs frequently, clearing clogged gutters, drains and ditches, and storing boats, canoes, wheelbarrows, such that they don’t collect rainwater. There are also options individual homeowners can consider to encourage mosquito predator control, including the installation of bat boxes and swallow nesting boxes in this area. 

We have been receiving recent resident concerns about mosquito problems in the Saratoga Miracle Beach area. Residents may forward their addresses and contact information to help the CVRD monitor this situation and to see if the affected areas fall outside the past study area.