The Comox Valley Emergency Program invites the public, local government representatives, elected officials and media to participate in:

International Emergency Communications Field Day


Date: Sunday, June 26
Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Mount Washington main lodge overflow parking lot
In partnership with the Comox Valley Amateur Radio Club

Volunteers from the Comox Valley Emergency Radio Communications Team will be supporting the Comox Valley Amateur Radio Club in this very important initiative. Everyone is encouraged to come out and learn more about amateur radio and how it will become a vital communication tool and communication platform during a major emergency.

For more information, visit the Radio Amateurs of Canada event page or call 778-363-3976.

Emergency Preparedness for Your Family

Each year, thousands of people face emergency situations that could change their lives forever. Don't be caught off-guard. Know the hazards in your area. Take the time to create a Home Emergency Plan and assemble your Emergency Kit and one Grab-and-Go Bag for each member of your household. 

Make a Plan

An emergency plan is your playbook in the event of an emergency. Knowing that you have taken time to consider what you might need, where to go, and who to contact for help can help to reduce anxiety, keep you focused and safe. 

Use PreparedBC Fill-in-the-blanks Home Emergency Plan

During an emergency, you and your family could be on your own for an extended period of time. Emergency services may not be readily available, as increasing demands are placed on responders. Therefore, it may take emergency workers some time to get to you as they help those in most critical need. As well, access to phones, gas, water, sewer, and electrical services may be cut off. Learning how to be personally prepared is vital.

Building an Emergency Kit

Use PreparedBC Emergency Kit Checklist.

Grab-and-Go Bag

Use PreparedBC Grab-and-Go Checklist.

Make sure you have a Grab-and-Go Bag/Kit ready and understand the types of evacuation notification messaging

Evacuation Alert
This is now really the time, if you did not get to it earlier, to get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Get your grab-and-go bags/kit ready and close to an exit door (which should include several days of clothing, toiletries and medications), your emergency plan, copies of important documents and important mementos. 

Evacuation Order
Leave the area immediately. Follow the directions of local first responders and/or emergency officials and evacuate using the route(s) they’ve identified. Do not return home until you’ve been advised that the Evacuation Order has been rescinded/lifted.

Other Guides and Resources:

PreparedBC Prepare your Pet

PreparedBC Guide for Small Businesses

PreparedBC Guide for Tourism Operators

PreparedBC Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide

For information about how to organize a Personal Emergency Preparedness briefing for your community or neighborhood, call our office (250-334-6000). 

Register for Emergency Notifications 

Get Notified
*Remember to verify your information in the system once per year.

Other infomation:
Know the Hazards 
Find Volunteer Opportunites in your Community
Where and When to Pick-Up Sandbags