There are some properties within the service area that will not receive this service because they do not meet the principal property use of a residential dwelling, or the property use is better suited to a centralized garbage collection system rather than individual collection. 

Typical property uses that were excluded include (these properties will not receive service):

  • Vacant land
  • Multifamily residential dwellings served by a central collection point (apartments/condos)
  • Industrial, commercial, institutional buildings
  • Mobile home parks served by a central collection point
    Recreational Vehicles (not to be confused with Manufactured Homes)
    • Note: The use of a recreational vehicle as a permanent residential dwelling unit is not allowed within the Electoral Area of the CVRD and generally the property will not receive service. An exception may be made where the recreational vehicle is in use as on-site accommodation during the course of construction of a dwelling.

Farms and Waste Collection

The CVRD recognizes the important role that family farms play in our community, and that property use can vary greatly on agricultural land. Farms are your homes, so we want to include you within this service, but they are also your livelihoods, and that may result in varied amounts of waste generated on your farm depending on your operation. For that reason, farming properties with a dwelling on them have been included, but if you think that your farm will generate too much waste and you want to combine managing your household and farm waste, you can apply for an exemption. 

What would you need to apply for an exemption?

  • Farm classification with BC Assessment
  • An active account at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre for self-hauling your waste OR proof of an active subscription to have your waste managed by a private hauling company

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Wondering whether your home would be included in the pick-up service? Click on the interactive map below for a detailed look of each neighbourhood proposed to be serviced.

PDF Maps of the General Service Area Boundaries:

More Information about the Proposed Rural Roadside Collection Service