Effective September 1, 2021 Helmets will be mandatory during all public sessions

We Want to Prevent Injuries while Skating

Skating is a wonderful activity for those of all abilities and you can skate for sport or recreation. Although skating is fun, it can also be dangerous. Skaters are at high risk for potential head injuries due to the combination of being on an extremely hard surface while balancing on thin skate blades. The slippery surface of the ice also makes it very difficult to break a fall with one’s hands. Therefore a skater’s head is more likely to hit the ice surface during a fall then in a normal slip and fall.

Helmets provide a protective layer for our thin skulls and are designed to create a surface area to absorb the force that the skull and brain would otherwise receive during a fall. A brain injury has the potential to change what makes YOU who YOU are. Concussion and mild brain injury can have lifelong consequences such as: fatigue, poor memory, chronic headaches and reading/writing difficulties.

We want to prevent any unnecessary suffering for you and your family, and as a result we are making it mandatory for all participants to wear a helmet during all public skating and drop in hockey sessions, ice lessons and other CVRD events and programming.

We strongly recommend wearing a CSA approved Hockey Helmet for all on ice activities but will allow any helmet that is in good condition and fits the wearer properly.

Make sure your Helmet is the perfect step by following these guidelines: 

  • Your helmet should fit snugly all around your head
  • You should have one finger width between your eyebrows and the helmet
  • the chin strap should always be done up and fit snugly and directly on your chin
  • The 'J' clips should be properly aligned with the facemask to hold it in place and absorb any impact the facemask may take.

As helmets are a personal item, we are encouraging customers to bring their own from home, Should you need to borrow a helmet, there is a limited number on site that you may borrow at no charge. Please ask a Recreation Facility Attendant for assistance.