We offer Red Cross Swim Lessons for all ages and abilities.


Register online or call 250-334-9622 ext. 0 for assistance.

Parent & Tot Lessons (Ages 4 months-3 years) - 30 minute classes
  • Starfish (4-12 months)
    Facility orientation, active supervision, safe entries and exits, staying warm, choking prevention, supports and holds for the caregiver, buoyancy and movement.
  • Duck (12-24 months)
    Active supervision, Stop Look Ask!, shallow water entries and exits, PFD and Me, when and how to get help, choking response, rhythmic breathing, buoyancy and movement and submersion (optional.)
  • Sea Turtle (24-36 months)
    Stop Look Ask!, jumping into chest deep water, PFD and Me, assisten front and back floats and assisted front swims
Preschool Lessons (ages 3-6 years) - 30 minute classes
  • Sea Otter
    Using games and activities, swimmers learn to open their eyes under water, further develop basic floats and glides and swim 1 m. They also learn age-appropriate water safety skills.
  • Salamander
    Learn about active supervision. Stop Look Ask an adult, jump into chest deep water, buoyant objects rhythmic breathing, front float and recovery, front glides with kick and a distance swim of 2m.
  • Sunfish
    Safe entries, surface support, floats and recovery in deep water, front and back and side glides with kick, roll over glides and a distance swim of 5m.
  • Crocodile
    Changing direction in deep water, jumping into deep water, surface support, calling for help, glides with kick, front and back swims for 5m and a distance swim of 10m.
  • Whale
    Learn when and where it is safe to swim, jump into deep water and tread water for 20 seconds, stop throw and call for help, front and back swims for 7m as well as a 15m continuous swim
Swim Kids Lessons (ages 5-12 years) - 30 to 45 minute classes
  • Level 1
    Swimmers receive an otientation to water and the pool area and work on floats, glides and kicking. Swimmers build their endurance by working on the 5m front swim.
  • Level 2
    Work on propulsion skills to move through the water and to remain at the surface, the front swim (5m) and learn about deep water activities and proper use of a PFD. Fitness activities include the 10m flutter kick and a 10m distance swim.
  • Level 3
    This level provides an introduction to diving, and teaches swimmers how to make wise choices about where and when to swim. Endurance is achieved by building strength in the flutter kick and a 15m swim.
  • Level 4
    Intro to the front crawl (10m) and back swim with shoulder roll (15m.) Swimmers work on kneeling dives, surface support (45 seconds-deep water) and developing a greater sense of self- safety by understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25m swim.
  • Level 5
    Intro to the back crawl (15m), sculling skills, whip kick on the back, stride dives and treading water. Front crawl increases to 15m. An introduction to safe boating skills is also included. Endurance is developed through a 50m swim.
  • Level 6
    This level refines front crawl with a focus on hand entry and breathing (25m), back crawl with a focus on arm positions and body roll (25m), and introduces elementary backstroke (15m), safety on ice, and rescue of others with throwing assists. Also includes front dive, treading water in deep water for 1.5 minutes, dolphin kick and a 75m swim.
  • Level 7
    This level builds skills and endurance for the front crawl (50m), back crawl (50m) and elementary back stroke (25m) and introduces whip kick on the front. Swimmers learn about airway and breathing obstructions, reach assists and stride entry. Swimming endurance is increased to a 150m swim.
  • Level 8
    Hypothermia, dangers of open water, rescue breathing, surface dives, stride entries, front and back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke and a distance swim of 300m.
  • Level 9
    Wise choices and peer influence, boating regulations, self ice rescues, surface dives, shallow dives, front and back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke as well as a 400m distance swim.
  • Level 10
    Introduction to butterfly and scissor kick, fitness, sun safety, rescue of others from the ice, surface dives, as well as a 500m endurance swim.
  • Homeschool Lessons - the regular Swim Kids Program curriculum will be taught through a series of blended levels. Just inform the customer service representative what level your child is at when you register. Parents and other siblings can choose to pay a drop in fee on the Wednesday class and play in the wave pool during the lesson time or network on the pool deck.
Teen and Adult Lessons (ages 12+) - 45 minute classes
  • Teen/Adult Beginner
    Beginner swimmers welcome! Don’t like getting your face wet? Never felt comfortable floating? Want to learn how to do more than just dog paddle?
  • Teen/Adult Intermediate/Advanced
    Designed for swimmers that feel comfortable in the water and can swim at least 2 lengths. Small class size means we can cater to each individuals needs whether you just want to learn how to do butterfly or work on your strokes for your next triathlon.
Private Lessons (ages 3+) - 30 minute classes
  • Ages 3+ -  30 minute class
    Does your child keep repeating the same level? Need that extra practice to get you through to the next level? Register for a single private lesson.
  • Personalized Lesson Package
    Do the scheduled lessons not fit into your schedule? Have difficulty concentrating in a class situation? Registering more than one child in the same level? These private lessons follow the regular lesson set dates and times. Register for personalized lessons for the entire lesson set and receive 10% off.