Saratoga Miracle Beach Local Area Plan (LAP)

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is in the process of undertaking the development of a local area plan (LAP) for the Saratoga Miracle Beach community. Overall, the plan will provide land use policies to direct future growth, reflect the community’s vision and identify amenities that the community wants or needs, such as infrastructure, parks and other services. 

The LAP is a draft and will be changed over time to reflect community feedback, technical studies and sound planning principles.

Draft LAP

Land Use Designations Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Land Area Plan Objectives

Social and economic:

  • Maintain and protect existing rural community character
  • Support compact growth with seaside tourist commercial per the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS)
  • Retain existing service centres for community use
  • Provide for affordable housing options
  • Clarify community priorities and amenities
  • Develop a land use map to guide future land use decisions


  • Ensure development proposals consider aquifer and water capacity
  • Clarify future water and sewer servicing
  • Consider climate change adaptation strategies with future development
  • Enhance and protect existing network of parks and greenway corridors
  • Continue engineering studies to identify additional capacity for Black Creek – Oyster Bay water service

Progress Timeline

20143 open houses during official community plan (OCP) review
Dec 22, 2014CVRD planning staff charrette
Jan 20, 2015Watutco Water user group meeting
Feb 10, 2015Saratoga and Miracle Beach Residents’ Association (SAMBRA) AGM
Feb 11, 2015Watutco Water user group meeting
Feb 26, 2015Oyster River Fire Hall public meeting
Fall 2015Black Creek / Oyster Bay water study
Spring 2016Groundwater monitoring study to see the health of the onsite septic systems in the area.
July 2016Introduction of the draft LAP to the CVRD board and start of public consultation
Summer 2016Second phase of the Black Creek / Oyster Bay water study
August 2016Meeting with chairperson of SAMBRA’s LAP committee
October 2016Presentation at SAMBRA meeting
PowerPoint presentation delivered at the meeting
November 2016Presentation at the Open house
PowerPoint presentation delivered at the meeting
Winter 2016Start of bylaw process for the LAP
Spring 2017

Grant received to install a new test and production well for the Black Creek Oyster Bay local water service area.

Watutco Feasibility Study to assess condition of infrastructure, note any upgrades to meet CVRD standards, review water quality and quantity, and determine lifecycle costs in response to a written request from the owner for the CVRD to assume ownership and responsibility.

Meeting with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure staff to explore parking, road connectivity in the community and repurposing Clarkson Avenue.

Licence of Occupation is being pursued for Seaman Road to address parking and washroom facilities.

July 2017Saratoga wetlands study to review natural water flow patterns and volumes.
Progress Update - February 2018

On February 13, 2018, there was an open house with drop-in format from 5pm to 7pm at Oyster River Fire Hall (2241 Catherwood Road, Black Creek). After 7pm, Saratoga and Miracle Beach Residents’ Association (SAMBRA) will have their meeting. CVRD staff will stay to answer questions.

Progress Update - August 2017

The draft LAP updated based on comments received from residents, stakeholders, internal staff and external agencies. Note: Waiting for comments from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on some of the transportation policies.

Progress Update - July 2017

The CVRD retained Jim Dumont, a hydrological engineer to provide an assessment of the Saratoga wetlands. This drainage study will review natural water flow patterns and volumes in the area bounded by Clarkson Avenue, Miracle Beach Drive and Paulsen Road (southeastern portion of the plan area). The study will provide recommendations that will form part of the LAP, including land-use policies and possible governance options to protect this natural drainage system. It will also identify development opportunities and constraints to protect this area as a natural asset providing a healthy and natural ecosystem that drains large parts of the Saratoga Miracle Beach area.