The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) currently owns and operates a bulk water standpipe located at 4795 Headquarters Road. This water fill station is utilized by commercial water haulers and individuals who experience water quantity or quality challenges. It is located within the City of Courtenay and the water is supplied from the City’s distribution system. Bulk water consumption is recorded by the City meter and invoiced to the CVRD.

Current Issues

The standpipe currently does not meet the best practice guidelines and needs upgrades to ensure proper backflow prevention. While CVRD staff have installed a reduced-pressure backflow device, more permanent upgrades to the bulk water standpipe are still needed.

The current standpipe is essentially operated on the honor system; users receive a key after an initial application and inspection, and self report their consumption to the CVRD for billing. As there is a significant discrepancy between 'used water' and 'reported water', upgrades to the system would aim to make it a fairer system for everybody.

Required Bulk Water Updates

A new bulk water fill station is required to better protect our water system. The following changes are planned:

  1. Installation of a new bulk water kiosk that includes the required backflow prevention equipment and a card-lock system to ensure that all flow is accounted and paid for;
  2. All bulk water standpipe users will sign an updated agreement with improved language surrounding liability and security;

The bulk water rate was updated from $1.42 per cubic meter to $3.91 per cubic meter to reflect the capital, operating and administration costs associated with the operation of the standpipe.

More Information:

August 7, 2019 Staff Report - Bulk Water Standpipe Upgrades 

Bulk Water Fill Station Temporary Relocation November 23 - 26

Construction at the 4795 Headquarters Road bulk water fill station will take place November 23 to November 26. A temporary fill station has been set up behind the curling centre during this period. Please avoid the construction area.

This construction is Phase 1 of the bulk water fill station upgrades, and will include the installation of a new 4” water service main by the City of Courtenay, a new water meter chamber and a storm drain inspection chamber for overflows. The City of Courtenay will disinfect, flush and sample before reconnecting the existing bulk fill station.

Phase 2, which is expected to begin in early December 2020, will complete the bulk water pipe upgrades. The CVRD will contract the installation and site servicing required. A temporary fill station behind the curling rink will be set up a second time in order to facilitate this work. Once the construction is complete, the CVRD will commission and test the new station and ensure it is ready for use.