Glover Park – Trail Resurfacing

The trails at Glover Park will experience a face lift this spring. Improvements include trail resurfacing, installation of culverts and ditching and rerouting/remediation of eroded trail sections. The work will take place from the end of April to the end of May.

Access to the park will be permitted during construction. Please stay clear of machinery and follow directions indicated by trail builders and work zone signage.

Expect trucks and equipment in Hilton Road parking lot for Royston Seaside Trail

From April 9 to 20 weekday trail users will encounter trucks and equipment on Hilton Road and in the waterfront parking area. Watch for this additional traffic when crossing through this portion of the trail. Project Watershed is doing habitat restoration on the beach and will have flagging crews onsite. Parking will be limited during construction.

Trail closure on One Spot Trail

The One Spot Trail between Tsolum Spirit Park and the entrance to Heart of the Valley Farms is closed due to a mud slide on the Tsolum River. The trail is at high risk of also falling into the river. Detour around this closure by using Tsolum River Road. This closure is likely to be in effect for several months. Posted November 21, 2017. Be sure to check back here for updates.

Morning Beach Park Stairs Closed

Due to recent storm events and wave action, more sloughing has occurred along the bottom of the bank beneath the stairs.  The stairs will be closed until further notice.  Thank you for your patience.


Seal Bay Park

We are monitoring Eastern Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels are an introduced species that may pose a threat to native squirrels and birds.

We are asking park visitors to report sightings to allow us to:

  • map the current distribution
  • determine the animal's movements and dynamics
  • assess the Eastern Grey Squirrel's impacts on native species
  • determine if action is required to protect native species.

If you spot a big bushy squirrel that is grey or black please contact us:

Fill out our online form or call 250-334-6000 or toll-free: 1-800-331-6007