Tsolum River Commons

Elevated boardwalk, Forested trails, Open meadow, Recreational trails, Waterfront
Parking lot


In October 2013 neighbouring residents approached CVRD parks staff seeking information about the possiblity of donating a property, located on River Avenue North, to the CVRD as parkland.  The property, known as Tsolum River Commons, was jointly owned by 19 neighbouring property owners and used as a neighbourhood greenspace.  Historically the neighbourhood hosted a number of well-attended community events on the site including the annual Merville Solstice Pageant and an annual May pole dance. 

The owners' original intention was to donate the property to the CVRD with restrictive covenants supported by a management plan. The CVRD was unable to register the covenants on the land because the Agricultural Land Commission would not accept the covenants on the basis it restricted future farm use.  The land was eventually transferred to the Comox Valley Land Trust and then leased to the CVRD to be managed as parkland in a 99 year lease.  This agreement gave the owners more certainty in the future of the property being managed as park.


This pocket park, used primarily by the local community, has a small loop trail and provides access to the Tsolum River and a little sandy beach.  The park also has an open, grassy section with a variety of grasses and historical fruit trees.Two vehicle parking spaces and park entrance sign are located 100 metres north of the park entrance on River Avenue North (parking location due to insufficient width of road along frontage of park).

Park Etiquette

  • Multi-use
  • Leashing optional
  • Walkers and cyclists only (the new boardwalk will not be built to support horses)