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Earlier this month, the project team shared the long term plan for sewer services including the final route for the  Sewer Conveyance Project and future upgrades at the Sewage Treatment Plant. Not able to make it? View the poster boards from our open house held Monday, April 4 at the Comox Rec Centre of watch a recording of our April 13 webinar.

Protecting our ocean with a new route for sewer pipes

The Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project is a multi-year construction project that will replace the pipes and upgrade the pump stations that move more than 14,000 cubic metres of raw sewage each day to the sewage treatment plant on Brent Road.

This new system will route sewer pipes further inland where they will no longer be vulnerable to damage by waves, rocks and logs. Watch this video to find out more about the project and how it will protect the beaches and waters throughout the Comox Estuary, Point Holmes, Goose Spit coastline, as well as Baynes Sound.

About the Project

The Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project will be constructed and funded in one phase. It involves a combination of ‘cut and cover’ construction (trenching) and directional drilling (a type of tunneling) through Lazo Hill.

The Sewer Conveyance Project was conceived from the Liquid Waste Management Plan, which involved extensive consultation that narrowed down a shortlist of three options. Following a successful Alternative Approval Process to approve borrowing, and engagement with key partners and stakeholders, the final project scope was approved by the Sewage Commission on February 22, 2022. It will now move to the final design and procurement with construction expected to begin in Spring 2023.

The CVRD remains focused on minimizing costs and impacts on residents and businesses. Discussions are underway with the Town of Comox regarding the final route through the Town and mitigating community impacts. The CVRD is also working with the K’ómoks First Nation to protect archaeologically sensitive areas during construction in an effort to preserve cultural heritage sites, ancestral burial places and artifacts.


Public Engagement

As we get nearer to construction, residents and business along all points of the route will be consulted as part of the pre-planning process. This will help us to create a plan for construction that considers everyone impacted by the project.

Want to be in the know about upcoming engagement opportunities? Visit us at our public engagement portal to sign up to be notified of updates, or to post questions and review new information as it comes available.

Engagement Portal

Part of a larger plan for sewer services in our community

This conveyance project is the result of the extensive Comox Valley Sewer System Liquid Waste Management Planning process (LWMP) which started in 2018, and was developed over three years with the input of a public and technical advisory committee.

The LWMP identified solutions for conveyance, treatment and resource recovery and included extensive public engagement throughout the process. Input was collected from the community and technical experts and was reported on throughout each stage of the process. Learn more about this plan.

Next Steps

Watch here for updates on next steps for the Sewer Conveyance Project: 

  • Fall 2022: Residents and business along all points of the Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance route will be consulted as part of the pre-construction planning process. This will help us to create a plan for construction that considers everyone impacted by the project.
  • Spring 2023: Estimated start of construction. Communication will continue throughout the project including notice of lane closures and traffic impacts. The CVRD will work diligently with its contractor to avoid construction during peak times.
  • Fall 2024: Estimated project completion.
News and Events

Borrowing Approved

An Alternate Approval Process for $52-million in borrowing required to construct the new conveyance line was successful, allowing planning work to move forward. 

Update on Sewer Conveyance Planning Shared with Lazo Residents

Two online sessions were offered in May 2021, to inform local residents about ongoing sewer planning and to address questions about the tunneling feature of the selected pipe route. Read more

Tunnelling and Groundwater Information Session Held

In March 2021, the CVRD hosted a webinar for residents within the proposed tunneling area in Area B (Lazo area). The online session provided additional information about the groundwater monitoring and assessment work that has been completed to date, and the further planning that will be done before construction starts. Read more

Information Session held with Lazo Residents

Two online sessions were offered in February 2022 to update the community about the sewer pipe route and design through Lazo Hill, statutory right-of-way for impacted Lazo area properties, groundwater monitoring and a proposed groundwater protection policy for the Lazo area. Read more.

Final Project Scope Presented

On Feburary 22, 2022, the Comox Valley Sewage Comission approved the final project scope and technical reports for the Comox Valley Conveyance Project. The project scope and route, starting from the Courtenay Pump Station and ending at the Sewage Treatment Plant, will be shared via public events in April. Watch this page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this project be funded?

The project is anticipated to cost $82 million with an estimated 80-year service life for the new pipe. The cost per household is estimated at $150/per year for 30 years. Borrowing approval was obtained through an Alternative Approval Process. 

When will construction start, and how long will it last?

While planning is still underway, it is currently estimated that construction could start in spring 2023, and last 18 months (to fall, 2024). More information will be available as details of the scope and design are confirmed.

How was the public consulted about the conveyance route?

This decision was based on input from staff, technical experts, public and technical advisors. The Commission also considered input gathered as part of the public consultation on a shortlist of three options completed in fall 2020. Read the report summarizing public feedback on these options.

How can I keep informed about the project?

Visit us at our engagement portal and sign up (top of right-hand column) to be notified of updates or to post questions and review information as it comes available.


If you have a question about the Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project please click the button below to speak to a member of our project team.

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