Proposed 2016-2020 Financial Plan

Board Presentations


General Presentations 

Consolidated Budget Presentation

BC Assessment Authority Presentation

To North Island College – Elder College (RD financial planning)


General Government Services

100 Member Municipality Administration

110 Administration and General Government

130 Electoral Area Expenditures & Election Services

150 Regional Feasibility Studies

151-155 Electoral Area Feasibility Studies

190-Member Municipality Debt


Protective Services

210 Cumberland Fire Protection

215 Denman Island Fire Protection

220 Hornby Island Fire Protection

225 Fanny Bay Fire Protection

228 Bates/Huband Fire Protection

230 Black Creek/Oyster Bay Fire Protection

235 Tsolum Farnham Fire Protection

265 Search and Rescue –Comox Valley

270 Comox Valley Emergency Program

271 Electoral Area Emergency Program

285 Building Inspection

291 Animal Control

295 Noise Control

296 Weed Control

298 Unsightly Premises

299 Fireworks Regulation


Environmental Health Services

300 CV Water Supply System

305-317 CV Water Service Areas

307 Denman Island Water

312 Royston Water

313 Black Creek/Oyster Bay Water

330 Jackson Drive Sewer

335 CV Sewerage

340 Liquid Waste Management

360 Hornby Island Refuse

362 Denman Island Refuse 


Public Health Services

451 CV Homelessness Supports


Environmental Development Services

500 Planning

512 Regional Growth Strategy

555 Denman Island Economic Development

556 Hornby Island Economic Development

Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Corporation


Recreation and Cultural Services

600 Recreation Grant

601 CV Track & Fields

615 Electoral Area Arts & Culture Grants

619 Denman Island Community Parks and Greenways

620 Hornby island Community Parks and Greenways

621 Baynes Sound, Areas B & C Community Parks and Greenways

630 Vancouver Island Regional Library Service

645 CV Recreation Complexes

Vancouver Island Regional Library Presentation

660 CV Exhibition Grounds

670 Hornby Island Community Hall

686 Comfort Stations


Transportation & Drainage Services

780 CV Transit

791 Courtenay Flats Drainage






Presentations will be posted under the appropriate heading as they occur.