Enriching Compost With Smashed Pumpkins

The Comox Strathcona waste management (CSWM) service’s "Pumpkin Smash", held last weekend in Campbell River, was a resounding success, diverting just over five tonnes (5,230 kilograms) of pumpkin waste from going to the local landfill.

All the pumpkins that were smashed at the event were transported to the CSWM’s organics compost facility at the waste management centre in Cumberland.

"Residents have recognized that composting organic food waste is a simple thing to do to help save valuable space in the landfill and cut the greenhouse gas emissions that would be generated if the pumpkins ended up in the landfill," said Koreen Gurak, CVRD’s manager of communications.

Timed to coincide with Halloween, the "Pumpkin Smash" attracts a large crowd each time it is held, with hundreds of families coming out this year. It was a perfect opportunity for people to learn about composting as a means of waste reduction.

The Comox Strathcona waste management service would like to thank the Campbell River Army Cadets for their volunteer support at this event. The "Pumpkin Smash" represents the last event of the season for the compost education centre centre. For more information on waste reduction initiatives and programs, visit www.cswm.ca.

The Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service is an extended function of the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) and is responsible for two regional waste management centres that serve the Comox Valley and Campbell River, as well as a range of transfer stations and smaller waste-handling and recycling facilities for the electoral areas of the CVRD and the Strathcona Regional District. The CSWM service manages over 100,000 tonnes of waste and recycled material and oversees a number of diversion and education programs.

Media contact:
Koreen Gurak
Manager of communications
Comox Valley Regional District
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