Board Policies

The board of directors establishes policies to address a variety of matters and to set the strategic direction for the CVRD. Policies can respond to specific situations or can proactively determine the course of action the board intends to follow. Some of the reasons that the board may set policy include:

  • Assurance for the public that decisions the board makes are consistent, stable and continuous;
  • Separation is clearly articulated between the role of elected officials in setting policy and the role of staff in implementing and carrying out policy;
  • Time and effort by the public, staff and the board of directors can be saved by providing clarity on what strategic direction the board desires to follow;
  • The board is able to show leadership on important issues; and
  • The public and special purpose groups have a clear understanding of the board's position on certain matters.

The board policies provided here are not exhaustive and those interested in further information should contact legislative services at the CVRD.

Governance Policies

Bylaw Enforcement Policies

Finance Services Policies

Property Services Policies