Bylaw Complaints

A 'bylaw complaint' is a formal written request to have an alleged bylaw infraction investigated by a bylaw enforcement officer. For your convenience, and to ensure your complaints and comments are responded to as quickly and comprehensively as possible, the CVRD has created a complaint package for you to fill out and return.

Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw enforcement officers and other authorized persons investigate complaints received by the public regarding non-compliance and alleged bylaw violations. Complaints are responded to on a priority basis, and it's important to remember that not all nuisances are in violation of bylaws.

Anonymity of the complainant will be maintained between the complainant and the alleged offender except where disclosure is required or necessary in a court of law. 

Be aware that completed bylaw complaint forms are treated as formal legal documents even if sent electronically. See Bill 13—2001, Electronic Transactions Act at for more details. 

If you have any questions about Comox Valley Regional District bylaws that are not answered on this website, concerns regarding anonymity or are hesitant to make a formal complaint, please contact the CVRD Manager of Bylaw Compliance at 250-334-6000 or email us.