Animal Control

The CVRD has established rules and regulations to control pets and other animals within areas of the Regional District. These regulatory rules have been established by the board through various policies and bylaws to provide for the enjoyment and protection of the District's general population. Enforcement of the animal control policies and regulations has been contracted to the Commissionaires: Victoria, the Islands and Yukon, and the Comox Valley branch of the BCSPCA is contracted to provide the pound facility.

If you have an animal control complaint, please call 250-218-2365 or email

CVRD Bylaw No. 100 provides for dog control in Electoral Areas B, C, and the Vancouver Island portion of Area A. Denman and Hornby Island residents do not pay into this service, and are not covered by this bylaw. Dog control on Denman and Hornby Islands is handled by the ‘rural member' of Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Courtenay Detachment.

In 2012, the CVRD undertook a review of its animal control service. These FAQs will provide some information on that review. Questions about the review can be directed to Derald Lewis at