Background History

Watershed protection planning for Comox Lake is a multi-phased process that began for the CVRD in 2006 with a phase I risk identification and assessment for Comox Lake. The first part of phase II, analysis and development of options, was completed by Wedler Engineering in 2011. The revised operating permit for the Comox Valley water system (CVWS) was last updated in July 2015 and includes a requirement for the completion of a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) for Comox Lake. In February 2014, Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd. was hired to complete phase II – analysis and development of options, and phase III – development of recommendations for implementation of watershed protection. 

As part of the watershed protection planning process on May 29, 2014 Aqua-Tex completed a two-day Creeks and Communities (C&C) workshop for Comox Lake watershed stakeholders including land owners, resource managers and conservations groups. The purpose of the workshop was to bring stakeholders to a common understanding and to develop a common language around how watersheds function; and how maintaining or restoring function can, in turn, allow for sustainable utilization of the resources.

The next step included the establishment of a watershed advisory group (WAG). The WAG consists of representatives from government agencies and licensed users having responsibilities or interest in resource management on public or private lands within the watershed. The WAG was formed in June 2014 and met several times in order to inform plan development.