Prevention Order

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), the Village of Cumberland (VOC) and TimberWest worked collaboratively on an options analysis study in response to receiving a hazard abatement or prevention order from Island Health's medical health officer regarding the erosion along the banks of Perseverance Creek – which may have been a possible contributing factor to the boil water advisories issued in the winter of 2014. 

On December 11, 2014, a boil water advisory was issued for the Comox Valley water system due to high turbidity. The turbidity took a significant time to clear in Comox Lake which extended the length of the advisory to 47 days.  A possible contributing factor to the cause and duration may have been the erosion along a gorge feeding Perseverance Creek – a stream that runs into Comox Lake.  In places, the gorge has 30 metre high cliffs along one side of the river bank. In the summer the stream completely dried out and then when heavy rainfall followed, the water flow undercut the cliff, causing soil, silt and clay to fall into the stream and then settle into Comox Lake creating higher than normal turbidity - impacting the drinking water of over 41,000 people.    

News Release - August 2015

CVRD, Village of Cumberland and TimberWest Respond to Prevention Order Related to Perseverance Creek Spillway

Hazard Abatement Order Final Report [PDF - 2.7 MB] - September 2015