Stage Four Water Restrictions


  1. During stage 4 all use of water for any purpose other than drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene is prohibited.
  2. Without limiting the generality of section 1, prohibited uses of water during stage 4 include the following:
    1. watering lawns, gardens, plants and trees in any manner or by any means, including watering by hand;
    2. filling or topping off or operating residential or commercial pools, hot tubs or ponds or fountains;
    3. operating local government outdoor water parks and pools;
    4. washing vehicles, boats or outdoor surfaces;
    5. irrigating golf courses and other public and/or school district property.
  3. Where reasonably possible, swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains and ponds should be drained for health and safety purposes and such water used for irrigation.
  4. No new lawn permit shall be issued during stage 4, and no new lawn permit, whenever issued, shall be valid during stage 4.
  5. As exceptions to stage 4 restrictions,
    1. spot cleaning of vehicles and boats with a sponge and bucket for health and safety reasons (windows, lights, license plates, etc.) is permitted;
    2. local government water main and hydrant maintenance is permitted, but only for unscheduled safety or public health reasons;
    3. irrigating local government all-weather playing fields;
    4. water use is permitted for farm and agricultural operations, but only for livestock drinking purposes and for no other purpose;
    5. cleaning outdoor surfaces is only authorized when required by law to comply with health or safety regulations, or to comply with an order of a regulatory authority having jurisdiction, such as WorkSafeBC or a public health inspector;
    6. water use is permitted for firefighting.