Electoral Area Water Rate Study

Although some customers were previously metered, approximately 95 per cent are currently billed an annual flat rate toll.  AquaVic Water Solutions Inc. of Victoria BC has completed a thorough and systematic water rate review for the CVRD including a customer demand analysis, infrastructure analysis, long-term financial position review, revenue requirements analysis and current recommended rate review. AquaVic's recommended water rates meet the CVRD's objectives of providing affordable water, promoting water conservation and ensuring revenue requirements.

Upon completion of the mock billing program, the CVRD retained Econics of Victoria, BC, (formerly AquaVic Water Solutions Inc.) to review water demand, revenue generation and an evaluation of future rates for the Comox Valley water local service area (CVWLSA). The report concludes that the mock rate has worked to reduce demand and that the base rate and residential tier 2 rate can be reduced slightly and still provide adequate revenue generation for the service.