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Water service areas included in the metering program

Area locations and maps:
•  Comox Valley Water Local Service Area [PDF - 973 KB]
•  Greaves Crescent Water Local Service Area [PDF - 903 KB]
•  England Road Water Local Service Area [PDF - 1.2 MB]
•  Marsden/Camco Water Local Service Area [PDF - 81 KB]
•  Arden Water Local Service Area [PDF - 835 KB]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why has the CVRD installed water meters?
A. On October 27, 2009 the CVRD board adopted a recommendation to pursue the installation of water meters in the Arden, England Road, Greaves Crescent, Marsden/Camco and Comox Valley water local service areas. The installation of meters is part of a multi-pronged approach to water conservation and is well established as an effective measure for reducing water consumption. The need to reduce consumption is motivated largely by the desire to reduce the scale and costs of future infrastructure upgrades (such as a deep water intake or a filtration plant, if one is required). Cost savings may also be realized through a reduction in variable operating costs. In addition to cost saving benefits, reducing water consumption will also help to ensure that sufficient water is available for ecosystem processes and other users, and will enable the CVRD to better adapt to potential climate change impacts.

Q. How much did this project cost?
A. The upgrade, supply and installation of nearly 1500 water meters in Comox Valley local service cost approximately 1.4 million dollars, and came in on budget.

Q. Why wasn't this money spent on upgrading the water system instead of installing meters?
A. The installation of water meters can be considered an upgrade to the water system. Water meters have been proven to reduce water consumption based on experience in neighbouring communities. This reduction in consumption helps to extend the life of existing water infrastructure.

Q. Who paid for the meter installation?
A. The metering project was fully funded through a combination of federal gas tax grants, a contribution from the bulk water rate increase and capital works reserves. These funds were already in place therefore no additional funds were required to complete the project.

Q. I already pay a lot for water; is my water bill going to be even higher than it is now?
A. Consuming water through a metered connection gives each homeowner an opportunity to directly influence their water bill. Users who already practice conservation will not likely see an increase in their water bill. Other users, who tend to use more water, will likely see an increase in their bill. This increase is not expected to be large unless very large amounts of water are being used.