Water Efficiency Plan

In order to ensure the long term sustainability of our water sources and systems we must use our water resources efficiently. To do so, the CVRD in cooperation with the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox has developed a comprehensive water efficiency program which involves a water efficiency plan, a water conservation bylaw to control sprinkling, water efficiency rebates and a waterwise education program. Below is a summary of the water efficiency measures currently being implemented by the CVRD.



Implementation Plan


Education/media plan

Continued use of the “A Big Deal” and “uHave2knOw” ad series   to promote water conservation with an increased focus on summer outdoor water   conservation; and to provide support for the toilet and outdoor water   efficiency rebate programs and watering restrictions.


Toilet rebates

Reinstate the toilet rebate program with an annual budget to provide 500 rebates.


Leak detection & pressure reduction

CVRD commissioned a leak detection study for the Comox Valley water system.   


Watering restrictions & enforcement

Continue enforcement program with a focus on   compliance.  Continue to monitor   summertime water consumption and consider improvements to the water use bylaw   going forward.


Outdoor water efficiency rebates

Continued use of the outdoor irrigation smart control rebate   program with an annual budget to provide 200 rebates.