FAQs Implications for Businesses

1. How will businesses be affected?
The base charge for businesses is increasing from $18 per month to $33 in 2015. This increase takes into account the fact that businesses often have larger water connections and put a greater demand on the water system, so it is fairer for them to pay slightly more than households.  Like households, the base charge includes an allocation of 24,000 litres per month at no additional charge.

2. What is happening with the rate structure for businesses?
The rate structure for businesses is also being simplified so that the complicated multi-tier system now in place will be replaced with a two-tier structure that aligns with the one used for households.  Businesses that, on average, use more than 24,000 litres per month during a billing period will pay $1.30 for every additional 1,000 litres (or cubic metre) above that volume. Businesses that use more than 45,000 litres will pay $1.90 per cubic metre above that volume.

3. What can businesses do to lower their bills?
By conserving water, bills can be reduced. Businesses can install high efficiency toilets for their customers, use high efficiency fixtures in kitchens and laundries, look for ways to save water outdoors, and investigate for system leaks within properties. Water conservation resources can be found at the CVRD website at www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/waterefficiency .