FAQs BCOB water system

1. What is the water system?
The Black Creek-Oyster Bay (BCOB) water system includes all the physical water infrastructure that delivers safe drinking water to homes and businesses – all the pipes, pumps, wells, reservoirs and the treatment facility. The system also includes all the operations, maintenance and infrastructure renewal activities undertaken by Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) staff and contractors.

 2. What infrastructure do we have in Black Creek Oyster Bay?
Black Creek-Oyster Bay water infrastructure includes three wells near the Oyster River, a pumping station, a water treatment plant located near the source in Oyster River Nature Park, the Macaulay Road and Kelland Road reservoirs, 38 kilometres of underground pipes, and the service connections and meters at each property.

 3. Who is responsible for the water system?
The CVRD is responsible for providing clean, safe drinking water to residents and businesses of the Black Creek-Oyster Bay local service area. All our drinking water is treated to a standard set by Vancouver Island Health Authority.  Revenue from the supply of water provides the funding necessary to ensure that the CVRD can maintain a sustainable delivery of service.

4. What is infrastructure renewal?
Every piece of water infrastructure has a lifespan, just as with other public infrastructure (like roads) or infrastructure in our homes (like roofs). Although proper maintenance can make it last longer, eventually all infrastructure must be replaced. The continual process of assessing the condition of old components and replacing those that are no longer functioning effectively or are at risk of sudden failure is called infrastructure renewal or asset management.

5. How many people in receive water from the Black Creek Oyster Bay water system?
Approximately 2,300 people live in the Black Creek-Oyster Bay service area, most of whom receive their water supply from the public water system. In addition to supplying residences with water, the water service supports over 30 local businesses.