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The South Sewer Project - What's Happening Now

Over the last few years, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has investigated solutions to wastewater challenges in the Royston and Union Bay areas. This work, supported by significant input from the community and stakeholders, led to the partial development of a combined stage one and two liquid waste management plan and the completion of a referendum on a proposed south sewer project plan in June 2016.
These investigations have provided a strong understanding of the current challenges and potential opportunities to help move forward. Public feedback has provided insight into the community’s values and concerns. This work will help shape a wastewater solution that will protect the natural environment in a cost effective manner which the community supports.  

The CVRD is currently assessing next steps for liquid waste management in the area. More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

About the South Sewer Project

The south sewer project was a community wastewater treatment system proposed for Royston and Union Bay. The proposal included a gravity-fed collection system and wastewater treatment plant that would service approximately 950 homes in the area, with the opportunity to include more in future phases.

What are the challenges with private, on-site wastewater treatment systems in Royston and Union Bay? More information is available in this 2015 feasibilty study [PDF - 464 KB].

The proposed project was a partnership between the CVRD and the K’ómoks First Nation. Funding support was proposed from K’ómoks First Nation, the Union of BC Municipalities Strategic Priorities Fund and Public Private Partnership Canada. The project was estimated to cost $56.2 million with roughly $35 million in grant funding on track to being secured.

On June 18, the CVRD conducted a referendum for phase 1 of the south sewer project. Qualified electors were asked to vote to determine support for a community wastewater treatment system for parts of Royston and Union Bay.